Special 3D jewelries for special moments

Each piece of jewelry comes with a memory, a story you don’t want to forget and want to keep, remembering every detail, which underlies the feeling you had when you first received or saw it.

All jewelries are made of recycled silver 925, reaching out a purity of 99,9%, thus offering the best quality on the market. The silver is covered with an imperceptible ceramic layer, protecting it from the inevitable passage of time. I believe that every piece of jewelry is unique, just as the person who is wearing it. This is why I take caution for each and every detail and I am choosing carefully the materials, which are going to be used. Pure silver isn’t everything, so the choosen gemstones are Swarovski, and the handcrafted beads are made from murano glass. The gemstones aren’t perfectly equal, giving every piece of jewelry its own character, just as the selected forms and unique design, in simple and geometric lines, being at the same time sophisticated, as it’s the daily life of the person wearing them.

LehelJewelry is a statement of the idea of “wearing the beauty”, of those things you don’t want to let go of, becoming, in time, an affirmation of your personality. The straight lines and minimalist forms, together with carefully chosen and manually polished gemstones for every object make every piece of jewelry special, waiting for the perfect partner to build the next story.